Toy Kitchen Sets

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Play Kitchen Sets

Step 2 Grand Walk-in KitchenStep 2 Lifestyle Deluxe KitchenStep 2 Lifestyle Party Time Kitchen

Toy Kitchen Sets

Toy Kitchen Sets - All in one toddler activity kitchens

Kitchen sets come in all shapes and sizes and Step2 has the best selection and quality.

Step2 kitchens feature the most realistic play and and modern details like granite simulated counter tops, paneled doors, pretend stainless steel appliances and real cooking sounds for the most imaginative child. Features crawl-thru tunnel, Dutch door, archway and unique exterior step-up walls. The play kitchens are manufactured by the Step2 Company, LLC is a family company with many different toy brands including Step2 Kangaroo Climber and Step2 Playhouse that foster learning and development through creative play in children from birth to school-age years. Step2 designs and produces new toys that receive recognition every year for their durability, creative play value, and fun designs.

Step 2 Kitchens Play

Toddlers really love the Step 2 Kitchens and once they start playing, they don’t want to stop! This activity playhouse has lots of cooking opportunities to allow your toddler plenty of opportunity to explore the kitchen. The play kitchen is great for both boys and girls. Additionally, creative children will use Step 2 Kitchens as a base for creating all kinds of fun experiences with their friends or siblings. Most Step2 kitchens come with realistic sounds and accessories that make the experience even that much more authentic.

Play kitchens are very portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You will have the ability to move from room to room with the easy assembly and disassembly. This portability will allow you to continually change the environment and keep the children interested.

Step 2 Kitchens in Day Care Settings

This Step 2 Kitchens is ideal for child care or day care settings. The unit is made of plastic which is easy to clean and keep sanitized. Ideal for indoor and outdoor play, the play kitchen will provide hours of enjoyment for a group of toddlers. The durable plastic construction will provide many years of service for future classes of toddlers. Some models come with lots of small pieces so be sure the age group is appropriate and you have storage available to keep track of them.

Step 2 Kitchens Assembly

Assembly is pretty straightforward involving a few “click in place” pieces. Just complex enough that an adult is needed to assemble and disassemble so you don’t have to worry about those little construction types taking your climber apart! Some models require lots of batteries and they are not included so be sure to pick some up so you can hear that burger sizzle!

Step 2 Kitchens Safety

Generally speaking, 3 kids playing at once is a good rule of thumb to ensure safety. Additionally, you can put cushioned tiles underneath the kitchen to ensure that if one of the children falls down, they will have a soft landing and this is even a great idea to protect the floor from falling accessories and other toys.

Step 2 Kitchens Specifications

There are many Step2 Kitichens for you to choose from:

Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen
Step2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen
Step2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen
Step2 Lifestyle PartyTime Kitchen
Step2 Gourmet Cafe Kitchen
Step2 Modern Lines Kitchen
Step2 Lifestyle Traditions Kitchen

All of the kitchens vary in size and shape so be sure to check out the details to make sure it will fit in the intended spaces.

I hope you have found this information helpful and happy shopping!

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